Gul (Rose) Mosque

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Where is the rose mosque in istanbul? What is the history of rose mosque?

It is estimated that Hagia Theodosia Church was built in the Byzantine period in the 10th or 11th century.

It is considered that its transformation into a mosque was took place during the time of the Sultan Bayezid II. The minaret of the mosque was built by Sultan Selim II, and the mosque was restored by Sultan Mahmud II, and a hünkar mahfili (a special section for the sultan) was added.

Sıbyan mektebi (primary school) which was built by Sultan Mahmud II’s daughter Adile Sultan, was used as a public library for a while.

A nice incident about the name of the mosque is narrated:

The day before the conquest of Istanbul was the feast day of Theodosia. A ceremony was performed in the church with the attendance of a crowded group. Participants of the ceremony brought flowers and roses, and prayed God to protect the city from Turks. Maybe because of God’s mercy on them and Maybe because He accepted their prayers in a better way, the city was conquered by Turks. When the Ottoman soldiers saw the roses and flowers spread everywhere in the church, they named it as “Gul (Rose) Mosque.”

Source: Harun Kırkıl, Read About and Travel Around ISTANBUL, Erkam Publications

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