Hadiths About The Soul

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What are the hadiths about the soul? Examples of hadiths about the soul…

‘Abd Allah b. Mas‘ud (ra) reported, “I was with the Prophet (saw) at one of the plantations of Medina while he was leaning on a date palm branch. A group of Jews passed by and some of them said, ‘Ask him (the Prophet (saw)) about the soul.’ But others said, ‘Do not ask him, lest he should tell you what you dislike.’ But they went up to him and said, ‘O, Abu al-Qasim! Inform us about the soul.’ The Prophet (saw) stood up for a while, waiting. I realized that he was receiving a revelation, so I kept away from him until it was over. Then the Prophet (saw) recited the verse, “They ask you about the soul. Say, ‘The soul is part of my Lord’s domain…’”  (Al-Israʾ, 17: 85)  (al-Bukhari, al-I’tisam, 3)

According to Abu Hurayra (ra), Allah’s Messenger (saw) said, “People are like minerals of gold and silver; those who were excellent in the Jahiliyya (during the days of ignorance) are excellent in Islam, when they have an understanding of Islam, and the souls are troops collected together and those who had a mutual familiarity amongst themselves in the store of prenatal existence would have affinity amongst them (in this world also), and those who opposed one of them, would be at variance with them.” (Muslim, al-Birr, 160; al-Bukhari, al-Anbiyaʾ, 2)

Abu Hurayra (ra) said, “When the soul of a believer would go out (of his body) it would be received by two angels who would take it to the sky… The dwellers of the sky say, ‘Here comes a pious soul from the earth. Let there be blessings of Allah upon the body in which it resides. And it is carried (by the angels) to its Lord, the Exalted and Glorious. They are commanded, ‘Take it to its destined end (Sidrat al-Muntaha).’ And if he is a nonbeliever and as it (the soul) leaves the body… the dwellers of the sky say, ‘There comes a bad soul from the earth,’ and they are told, ‘Take it to its destined end (Hell).’” (Muslim, al-Janna, 75)

According to ʿAbd al-Rahman b. Kaʿb al-Ansari (ra), his father told him that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said, “The believer’s soul is a bird that perches on the tree of Paradise, until it returns to its body on the Day when the body is resurrected.” (Ibn Maja, al-Zuhd, 32; N2075, al-Nasaʾi, al-Janaʾiz, 117; al-Muwatta’, al-Janaʾiz, 16)

Source: Presidency Of Religious Affairs The Turkey, Islam Through Hadiths

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