Heaviness Of The Clouds

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What is the heaviness of the clouds in islam?

It is He Who sends the winds like heralds of glad tidings, going before His mercy: when they have carried the heavy-laden clouds, We drive them to a land that is dead, make rain to descend thereon, and produce every kind of harvest therewith: thus shall We raise up the dead: perchance ye may remember.” (al-Ar’af, 7: 57)

Allah Almighty points out the relativity of time:

“He rules (all) affairs from the heavens to the earth: in the end will (all affairs) go up to Him, on a Day, the space whereof will be (as) a thousand years of your reckoning.” (al-Sajda, 32: 5)

The weight of the rain that will cover an area of 50 square kilometers with 1 centimeter height is calculated to be half a million tons. It is stated that a single rain cloud could weigh 300,000 tons. The fact that “the heavy-laden clouds’ stay in the sky as well as the fact that the rain and snow falling from them do not harm the living beings on earth are the manifestations of divine compassion. However, there may occasionally be a partial harm with hail.

The following verse of the Qur’an points out to the condensation process in the development of rain, to the hail and lightning, and to the relationship between the two:

“Art thou not aware that it is Allah who causes the clouds to move onward, then joins them together, then piles them up in masses, until thou can see rain come forth from their midst? And He it is who sends down from the skies, by degrees, mountainous masses [of clouds] charged with hail, striking therewith whomever He wills and averting it from whomever He wills, [the while] the flash of His lightning well-nigh deprives [men of their] sight!” (al-Nûr, 24: 43)

When we continue to observe the sky, we see the two big lambs that lead us to contemplate:

There exist smaller particles than atom:

“…Nor is hidden from thy Lord (so much as) the weight of an atom on the earth or in heaven. And not the least and not the greatest of these things but are recorded in a clear record.” (Yunus, 10: 61)

Source: The Universe, The Qur’an And The Human, Osman Nuri Topbaş, Erkam Publications

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